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Gift Ideas for Dancers

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Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a birthday, or your secret santa present, it can be hard to find a special gift for the dancer in your life. To help you out, I’ve prepared this list of gift ideas for dancers, ordered by price so you can find something in your budget. I hope this inspires you to find the perfect gift, or at least gives you some things to put on your Christmas list!

In this post you’ll find gift ideas for dancers in these categories:

  • Gifts for Dancers Under $25
  • Gifts for Dancers Over $25
  • Dance Teacher Gifts

Gifts for Dancers Under $25

Dance Bullet Grid Journal

Is your dancer into bullet journaling? Then this adorable bullet grid journal is perfect for her! Even without following the bullet journal system, this 150-page, 8 x 10 inch notebook is a great place to store all her dance notes.

Dance Bullet Grid Journal*


Dance Key Fob

This cute, whimsical key fob will delight your teenage ballerina. (Especially if it comes with the keys to her own car!) These are also very easy and cheap to make yourself if you have any sewing skills.

Dance Key Fob*


Weekly Devotional for Dancers


For the Christian dancer in your life, this is a unique and special gift that shows you know her well! This is also a great gift for a dance teacher who works at a Christian dance studio or teaches dance at a church.

“Time to Dance” by Alyssa Campbell*

The Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant


 I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s a must-have for every dancer’s library, especially those in college or who are serious about ballet. You might want to check and make sure your dancer doesn’t already have it first!

“The Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet” by Gail Grant*

Pointe Shoe Sewing Kit

Every new-to-pointe dancer needs her own pointe shoe sewing kit! I use this one from Bunheads all the time and love it. The thread is thick and has a slight stickiness to it, so it won’t break or slip, and the dental-floss-style notch to cut the thread is really handy.

Bunheads Pointe Shoe Stitch Kit

Water Bottle

A nice water bottle makes a great gift for any athlete, especially if it has good features like this one. I chose this water bottle because it has a straw (good for drinking before shows when you have makeup on), and it’s insulated, so your water stays cold for a long day of activity.

Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle*


Stretch Bands

Whether you’re warming up or working out, stretch bands are one of the most useful tools a dancer can have. Even if your dancer already has one, there’s probably another type that he/she would love to have as well! Check out all these options:

Large Loop Stretch Band

This stretch band is one continuous loop, allowing you to perform unique exercises, as well as many standard resistance band workouts. Great for a dancer who’s already very bendy!

SuperiorStretch Brand*

Gaynor Minden Brand

Resistance Loops


These small loops replace the need to tie your regular resistance band in a knot around your legs, which extends the life of your band considerably. This nice little set comes with 5 different strengths, a carry bag, an ebook, and online workout videos!

Fit Simplify Resistance Loops*

Stretch Band Instruction Book


The perfect add-on to your stretch band gift, or a great gift for a dancer who already has a stretch band! Help them take their stretching and strength training to the next level.

“Stretching Your Limits” by 14 Peaks*

Standard Resistance Band


If your dancer doesn’t already have a resistance band, this is the place to start! The different colors indicate levels of difficulty, which are different for every brand. Lighter resistance is best for young dancers, while medium is better for more advanced dancers. You really only need hard resistance if you’ve already been working with medium for a while.

Theraband Resistance Band*

Dance T-Shirt

Dance t-shirtsA t-shirt might seem like a “basic” gift, but dancers will really appreciate it because it’s hard to find dance t-shirts in regular stores! These t-shirts for dancers are available in women’s and men’s cuts in a variety of sizes and styles. You’re sure to find one that your dancer will love!

If you’re feeling creative, you could get some iron-ons at a craft store and make your own t-shirt, too!

Dance T-Shirts by Teespring

Personalized Dance Bag

Personalized pink dance bag with name Gianna

Your elementary- or middle-school-aged dancer will love having a personalized dance bag with pockets for all her things, and her name on the front in sparkly letters. There are many sites where you can order one of these, but this Etsy listing caught my eye because of the quality of the bag and the good price.

Personalized Dance Bag on Etsy

Gifts for Dancers Over $25

Conditioning for Dance by Eric Franklin


This is my FAVORITE dance book. I would gift it to every dancer I know if I had the money. Franklin knows the dancing body well and has crafted exercises for imagery, stabilization, endurance, and strength training specifically for dancers. This book is a gem that belongs in every dancer’s library!

“Conditioning for Dance” by Eric Franklin*

Dance/Gym Bag


This bag from Under Armour is on my Christmas list this year. It comes in five sizes (I think small is best for a dance bag), it has tons of useful pockets, and it comes in a great variety of colors. If your dancer is always running from class to auditions to the gym, a bag like this would come in handy!

Under Armour Gym Bag*

Canvas with Watercolor or Quote

A dance-themed canvas is a great gift for teen, college-age, and young adult dancers who have a room to decorate. You could buy a pre-made canvas like the one pictured, or spend a little extra for a custom order. Most people who run a painting or hand-lettering business will be willing to make something unique for you!

Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box


For younger girls who love ballet, this musical jewelry box will be a delightful gift. Pair it with a dance necklace or bracelet to make it extra special. This particular one comes in a variety of shapes and designs, so you can find the one that’s just right.

Ballerina Jewelry Box*

Sterling Silver Pointe Shoe Ring

Pointe shoe ring

This beautifully simple ring is sure to make your ballerina smile. Great for older students, teachers, professionals, and moms.

Pointe Shoe Ring

Irish Dance Medal Holder

She needs somewhere to store all those medals, why not on this beautiful wooden medal holder shaped like an Irish dance dress? It holds 20 medals and can be personalized with your dancer’s name.

Dance Teacher Gifts

Music for Dance Class (Various Prices)


Dance teachers (and students who practice at home) are always looking for new music! Whether it’s a physical CD, MP3 files, a year of Spotify premium, or an iTunes gift card, the dancer in your life is sure to appreciate it!

CD pictured: Modern Dance Class by Michael Roberts*

Dance Teacher Keychain


What a sweet saying, and what a nice, simple gift for your dance teacher! A quick search on Google or Amazon will bring up lots of keychains like this, and there are plenty of Etsy shops that make custom pieces if you want something really special!

Dance Teacher Keychain*

Best of luck in your holiday shopping!

*Asterisks indicate affiliate links. See the disclosure at the top of this post.

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