21-Day Stretching Challenge (With Free Printables!)

If one of your dance goals is to improve your flexibility, this stretching challenge is a great place to start! Stretch for 10 minutes or less per day while gradually increasing the length and difficulty of the stretches to improve your turnout and extension.

It’s not the most thorough stretching routine out there, but that’s on purpose. The point of this challenge is simply to build a habit of stretching every day. That alone will get you more results than even the most thought-out stretching plan. Our stretching challenge starts out very easy on Day 1 with just two basic stretches for 20 seconds each, then builds from there so you’re not overwhelmed at the start.

Quick facts about this stretching challenge:

  • Focuses on turnout and extension, with a few bonus stretches for feet and hips.
  • Incorporates both dynamic and static stretches. (Moving and not moving)
  • Can be completed in 10 minutes or less per day.
  • Requires no special equipment.
  • Includes both illustrations and a simple printable checklist