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teaching dance well: a guidebook for first year dance teachers

Teaching Dance Well: A Guidebook for First-Year Dance Teachers

Facing a classroom of students for the first time can be intimidating. You’re responsible for these kids’ education and the only tool in your belt is a vague memory of your own first dance class. Rarely is there a formal training process for dance teachers like there is for teachers in schools, so it’s no wonder you feel nervous and unprepared. In this book, I hope to eliminate some of those nerves and help you start your first year of teaching dance on the right foot (no pun intended).

Learn how to make a lesson plan, manage your time, handle disruptive children, give valuable corrections, choose good music, create a successful recital dance, and so much more. Get this ebook for free when it’s released by entering your email below!



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Strength and Flexibility: a toolbox of stretches and exercises for dancers

Strength and Flexibility: A Toolbox of Stretches and Exercises for Dancers

There comes a point in your dance training where stretching in class is no longer enough. If you want to reach your fullest potential as a dancer, it’s time to start improving your strength and flexibility at home. In this book, you’ll find a trove of stretches and strength training exercises, sorted by affected muscles and labeled with specific dance skills that they help to improve. Put them together in one of the book’s sample routines, or create your own sequence that’s tailored to your personal goals. Get this ebook for free when it’s released by entering your email below!




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